White Plains Real Estate Attorney

The market is hot as the pandemic has buyers heading out of NYC and densely populated areas to Connecticut, Westchester and the Hudson Valley. Due to high demand and low inventory, transactions are occurring quickly. Oftentimes parties are entering into agreements without the benefit of an experienced real estate attorney. Allow Ms. Bennett to assist you in this most important of transactions. Ms. Bennett has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers work through the home buying experience to maximize profit, keep costs low and helping buyers and sellers work through the home buying process towards an expeditious closing. Real estate transactions or agreements of any sort can be complicated and are rife for disagreement or conflict down the road if they are not handled properly from the start. When you work with a real estate attorney, you are bringing in the expertise of someone who can help you take stock of the situation and determine the most appropriate steps to take in order to limit confusion and maximize the possibility of a smooth transaction. Regardless of the nature of your real estate dealings, a seamless transaction is ideal for everyone involved and will avoid any possible conflicts in the future and bring your matter to a close as soon as possible.

If you need help with real estate transactions, litigation, or negotiations, contact the Law Offices of Kirsten E. Bennett as soon as possible to learn about how we can work together to help you achieve the outcome that you are hoping for. Read more below to get a better idea of a range of the areas that we can help you in, but whether or not you see the specific real estate law issue you need help for, contact us now to learn more about how we can help. 

White Plains Real Estate Practice Areas

The following are just some examples of real estate legal issues that we can help you with. 

Residential Home Sales Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the extensive paperwork and documentation that come along with these transactions are complex. Working with a real estate attorney in White Plains is one of the best ways to make sure that everything is done right the first time.

Commercial Property Sales Transactions

A commercial property transaction adds another layer of complexity to the property sales process, and an error can lead to issues that could impede the way that you plan to use this commercial property. 

Homeowners Associations Issues

HOAs are a great way to keep a community in alignment with a variety of expectations and regulations for a neighborhood, but they can lead to many types of disagreements that may best be settled with legal assistance. 

Condominium Law

Determining the difference between a disagreement and a legal issue in a condominium association can be complicated, but when you are working with a white plains real estate lawyer you can be confident that your legal rights are upheld. 

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Disputes between landlords and tenants are common occurrences, and while many of them may resolve themselves, there are other instances where an attorney may need to get involved in order to ensure that the appropriate laws and rights are upheld.


Evicting a tenant can be a difficult process, both legally and emotionally. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant who is in the process of an eviction, it is important to ensure that your rights are being upheld and that all legal considerations are addressed.


When a mortgager fails to keep up on their payments on their mortgaged property, the bank (or other mortgage holders) will take the necessary steps to take back possession of the property, known as a foreclosure. These processes can be complicated and contentious and are best carried out with the help of a White Plains attorney.

Real Estate Contracts

Contacts are the backbone of nearly all modern business processes, so it is very important that a contract is properly vetted and written in order to clearly and concretely define the nature of the business relationship and the obligations that each involved party has. Working with an attorney is the best way to handle a real estate contract, either to produce or to review before signing.

Eminent Domain

In the United States, as with other counties, the government has the ability to take control of private property, in exchange for some form of compensation, by eminent domain. If you are involved with any sort of eminent domain procedures, it is important that you have a real estate lawyer representing your case in order to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the legality of this process.

Zoning, Land-Use and Building Permits

When determining the appropriate uses for a parceled area of land, including the type of building that can be constructed, the way that the land can be used, and the way that the real estate can be used once constructed (commercial, residential, mixed-use) is determined through permitting and petitioning. 

Boundary And Easement Disputes

In order to ensure that the boundaries between properties are properly used and can avoid disputes between land-owners, it can be extremely helpful to have an attorney present in order to make sense of any existing easements (a right to use or cross another property in certain instances or use cases) or to propose new use agreements.

Title Disputes

Property titles are a collection of documents that prove an individual’s ownership or interest in a property, and while the intention is to ensure that these titles are clear upon initial creation, they can be confusing and pose issues down the road. If you are involved in a title dispute, the best way to find a resolution is by hiring a real estate attorney in White Plains.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer in White Plains?

As you can imagine by the examples listed above, working with an attorney is one of the most productive ways to ensure that you are able to either avoid future legal issues or are able to get the help that you need in order to navigate an ongoing or upcoming legal dispute. In addition to settling disputes, an attorney can help you understand the rights of all involved parties in a transaction, mediate negotiations, and more.

In order to understand specifically how the Law Offices of Kirsten E. Bennett can help you with your real estate needs, contact us as soon as possible to request an initial consultation. During your consultation, we will be able to discuss your situation, answer questions about our experience with these types of issues, and ultimately get a better sense of how we can help you and how we will be able to work together.